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Bugs Online offers a very extensive and powerful search engine. To access the bug search screen a user first selects the "Bug Search" tab.

Once in the "Bug Search" screen of the system a user will be presented with a variety of search criteria to select from. Most of the criteria is self-explanatory. However, it is important to note the following comments:

  • The proper date format is: MM/DD/YY (ie. 09/01/00=September 1, 2000).
  • Every list box (with exception to the Project list box) is multi-select capable. To select multiple options simple hold the "Ctrl" or "Shift" key while clicking with the mouse.
  • By selecting a "Not" checkbox you will essentially be reversing the effects of the search criteria. For example if you select "Open" for "Bug Status" and then select "Not", the search will return all bugs that are not in an "Open Status".
  • You may enter any number of keywords in the "title" or "description" keywords section. However, the full combination of those keywords must be present in order for the bug to appear in the results. For example, if you entered "jumped over the fence" in the description keywords field, then the entire phrase "jumped over the fence" must appear in at least one bug detail for a bug, or it will not appear in the results. This feature is not case-sensitive.
  • You may create a saved search by selected the criteria you wish to save, entering an name for the saved search in the "Name" textbox, and clicking the "Add" button.
  • To update a saved search simply access this search by selecting it from the "User Defined Searches" section, modify it as needed, and click "Update"
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