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Reports can be generated by two methods. The first is to generate it from the "Site Admin" section as described in the Administration documentation in this section.

The second method for generating a report is to create it from the "My Bugs" section of the system. All users have access to this section.

To create a report from "My Bugs" a user must perform the following tasks:

  1. User selects "Submittor" or "Developer". If "Submittor" is selected then they must be the user who originally submitted a bug for it to be accounted for in the search. If "Developer" is selected then they must have been assigned to a bug at some point in time for it to be accounted for in the search.
  2. User enters a date range (MM/DD/YYYY format)
  3. User enters report type: "Cumulative" or "Daily"
  4. User clicks "Go!"*
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*Please note that reports spanning large date spans (ie. in excess of 1 month) may take up to a minute or two to process.